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This site is maintained by Harsh Kumar Singh, an upcoming Computer Science Engineer, and a DJ by profession. A writer by hobby who writes a lot of Quotes, Articles, Shayari, etc about almost a lot of things, about Society, Love, Addiction, Technicalities, etc.

The Socio Geek is one of my establishments through which I am trying to convey my messages to my audience and beloved.

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Talent is not that others see in us. Talent is what we see in ourselves.

We should believe in ourselves, rather than listening to what the soceity is telling us or asking us to do. Because, we have all your capabilities, and we know well how to use them for good. All we need is to trust ourselves and let the things as it is meant to be. The best will surely come to us and you wouldn’t have to fight hard for it.

From the Author

I, Harsh Kumar Singh personally believe that the things which we see, or read is what we become. So, as an author of this site, I ensure the content to be of your keen interest. You’ll get to find innovative content all over the web.

Another thing about reading snippets on a website or blog, we should be mature enough to choose the content well. We should only read content that will help us grow.

Maturity is reflected in all aspects of character – the decisions we make, the friends we choose and the responsibilities we accept. Always remember to uphold the dignity of the people. We should always be ready to give preference to others. What we are is GOD’s gift to us. What we will become is our gift to GOD. Have something to live for. Bring out the best in us and let it reflect through our character – which is an instrument to reflect us in an endless variety of patters.